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103 Collection

Men's Self Care Box

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The Men's Self Care Box limited edition gift set features premium beard care products and coffee by Chicago French Press.             

This vegan beard care bundle is the perfect form of self care. Men can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and treat themselves to an invigorating aromatic experience with our amazing Beard Wash and Beard Oil.

Chicago French Press and MR. SUITABLE have partnered to curate the perfect blend. Indulge in BLACK TUXE - a premium, organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 100% arabica coffee infused with bright, smooth floral notes and deep chocolate undertones.

Its Ethiopian beans are sourced from the Gambela region at 2200 Meters above sea level, cultivated to the highest standards, and roasted medium-dark.

Our 'Move Forward In Style' slogan is the heart of the MR. SUITABLE brand. It's a reminder that whether one step or miles at a time, the journey forward is a worthy one. Make your move.

Start the day with the motivation you need to remind you and those around you to keep going with our signature coffee mug.


CFP Skyline Box
• 3oz CFP Black Tuxe Ground Coffee
• Beards + Coffee Black Ceramic Mug
• 103 Collection Lavender & Lemongrass Beard Wash
• 103 Collection Lavender & Lemongrass Beard Oil
• "Beards & Coffee" Greeting Card (blank inside)


Use each item selectively


Lavender & Lemongrass Beard Care Bundle (103 Collection)
4 oz. Beard Wash | 1 oz. Beard Oil

Origin of Bean: Ethiopia
Grade A
100% Arabica, Single-Origin
Roast: Medium-Dark
Flavor Profile: bright, smooth floral notes; deep chocolate undertones
8oz Bag

11 oz.
- Ceramic
- Black and glossy
- Dishwasher and microwave safe
- High quality with excellent durability


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103 Collection Skin Care
103 Collection Brand Ambassador
103 Collection Brand Ambassador
103 Collection Beard Care
103 Collection Skin Care

High Quality Facial ScrubAll natural ingredients. It’s a great beginning for a facial care routine.

Jabriel J.

This product is simply awesome....I noticed a change in my beard within the first few days... it's soft and fluffy and retains moisture now my barber noticed the difference and said that its growing....not to mention the extremely fast shipping

Montel J.

Fantastic product! 2nd purchase from this company but will definitely buy more!

Donna M.

Nice scent. Feels good onNice scent. Feels good on my beard.

James J.

Love this facial scrubI got this in my Kinder Beauty box and this after getting the box for over 7 months, this was the first product i went and bought on my own. I love the feel on my face, the smell isn't overpowering, and my face has stayed clear ever since i started using it.


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