Beach Bundle Beard ( Vegan)

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22.00 Ounces

(1) 8 oz. Lavender Lemongrass Beard Wash

(1) 2 oz. Lavender Lemongrass Beard Oil 

(1) 8 oz. Cedarwood Bergamot Beard Wash

(1) 2 oz. Cedarwood Bergamot Beard Oil

The Beard Care Bundle is a perfect combination of Beard Wash and Beard Oil. Our Beard Wash softens, cleanses, conditions and leaves your beard moisturized, hydrated and frizz-free. This Beard Oil is perfect for moisturizing, conditioning, soothing and releasing tension. Another benefit is that is can be used as a disinfectant for the scalp or on your skin, it can enhance blood circulation and serve as beard refresher.